NaiemMoiemen  JuanBarrettSpain  IstvanJuhasz  LeoKlein
Dr. Naiem Moiemen
(United Kingdom)
 Dr. Juan Barret
Vice President
 Prof. Dr. Istvan Juhasz
Secretary General
 Dr. Leo Klein
(Czech Republic)
 anna2  P. Vogt Enescu  Huss foto
 Mrs. Anna Pittermann
Chair PAM Committee
Prof. Dr. Peter Vogt
Co-opted member
Prof. Dr. Dan Enescu
 Fredrik Huss
 no image  Schiestl foto Vlies1
Dr. Acacio Rodrigues
 Dr. Clemens Schiestl
Dr. Kees v.d. Vlies
(the Netherlands)

The Executive is authorised to delegate the day-to-day management of the association to the President of the Executive, a member of the Executive of a member of the association appointed as such. 

The Executive is also authorised to delegate certain accurately specified parts of its tasks to one or more members of the association, such as the various European Burns Association subcommittees.

Board meetings

March 19, 2016, Schiphol Airport Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
September, 25 2016 Birmingham (UK)