PAM and Prevention Meeting Rotterdam, April 2018

PAM and Prevention committees at meeting in Rotterdam 2018 – Jill, Teresa, Ilaria, Jacques, Anna, Helma, Coen, Eva, Renat, Christine, Carolyn.

Report PAM and Prevention committees meeting in Rotterdam
In April 2018 the PAM and prevention committee was hosted in the Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam by Helma . New members changed the PAM compared to last meeting in Barcelona, so we needed to get acquainted with each other. It is always nice and exciting to meet with new members, full of ideas and energy so it was an inspiring meeting.

We have made some decisions about the guidelines we will prepare, and hopefully present during our next meeting in Helsinki. We will continue with the paediatric guidelines and are also thinking of family centred care, a topic that is more and more important for our patients, but for some Burn centres difficult to implement. Furthermore we have made plans for the special interest meeting which will focus on rehabilitation.

Our co-opt member from Finland, Anna, showed us the venue for the upcoming congress in Helsinki. It made us all very enthusiastic to have our next congress in Finland.

After the meeting there was some time to enjoy Rotterdam by boat which included a visit to the famous harbour.

Our next meeting will be held in Zurich, Swiss, in November.

PAM and Prevention Meeting Barcelona, May 2017

The last meeting, on Saturday 6th May, was held in the wonderful city of Barcelona.
The meeting was a full and productive one and allowed us to complete the preparations for the congress in September. The committees were delighted by the number of abstracts that have been received for PAM or prevention. We reviewed many excellent abstracts and we were able to plan 2 nursing sessions, 2 OT/PT sessions, 2 psychosocial sessions, 2 prevention sessions and a Burn Camp poster session.
As in previous years we intend to have a PAM room which will be manned by a member of the committee during breaks. In the last newsletter we wrote about the PAM prizes for poster and oral
presentations, generously donated by Flen-pharma.
The venue for the congress looks stunning and we are sure it will be a good place to have an interesting congress!
We visited the Burn Centre, where children and adults from a large region of Spain are admitted.
Besides all the congress work we also discussed subjects for the paediatric guidelines we will be working on the next couple of years.

PAM and Prevention Meeting Vienna, December 2016

The committees met on the 3rd December 2016 in the lovely city of Vienna.

There was a full agenda for the meeting with the committees meeting together in the morning and then separating in the afternoon as usual.  The discussions centred around the 2017 conference in Barcelona, concentrating on planning the sessions and considering the awarding of the PAM and prevention prizes. Also work continued on the guidelines and a further  two questionnaires that will be sent to all EBA members before the spring of next year, giving time to allow the findings to be shared in Barcelona.

The meeting was held at the General Hospital and at lunchtime the committee were given a talk and tour of the fire station that is within the hospital.

Thank you for Anna for organising a very enjoyable and productive meeting.

PAM and Prevention Meeting Beverwijk, May 2016

The PAM committee met in Beverwijk in the Netherlands. The venue for the meeting was the lovely building of the Dutch Burns Foundation, and we were very well looked after by Anita and Eva. As Beverwijk is home to the Euro Tissue Bank we were able to visit the cornea bank which was fascinating. For those of us that stayed overnight we stayed in hotel in Wijk aan Zee, which has a lovely beach and beach restaurant!

It was a very productive meeting with work continuing on the guidelines for children (wound dressing procedures, pain, itching etc) and upcoming surveys (also about burns care and after-
care for children). We worked on the planning of the Barcelona conference in 2017. We spoke about the congress guidelines and we had a skype session with Guila in Barcelona, because she was not able tot come to Beverwijk. In the prevention committee meeting congresses and prevention campaigns of were discussed.

We finished the meeting with a long `to do` list which will keep us busy until we meet again in Vienna on the 3rd December.

Prevention committee at work

Congress Hannover 2015

We were very happy with the congress in Hannover, thanks to the great organisation of Prof. Peter Vogt, Dr. Ramin Ipaktchi and Conventus.

PAM/Prevention/Burn Camp room
During the congress we had our PAM/Prevention/Burn Camp room open. This was hugely successful and gave a great opportunity for the many delegates to come and discuss pertinent issues. The room was decorated with useful posters, information leaflets and DVD’s. Educational resources were also on display. PAM and Prevention committee members were on hand at every break and lunchtime to field questions.

PAM Business Meeting at Hannover 2015

The PAM and Prevention sessions were very lively with good, productive discussions. We were especially glad to have the Special Session „Scars – the PAM perspective“ chaired by Koen Maertens (Belgium) and Teresa Tredoux (United Kingdom). Different experts from different disciplines gave a view of their work and Microskin demonstrated the use of camouflage make-up live during the session. Also the Prevention Session chaired by Carolyn Cripps (United Kingdom) and Keith Judkins (United Kingdom) was a great success with a full overview of the work of the Prevention committee and a practical experiment on the harm button batterys can do.
During the PAM business meeting not only did the Burn Camp working group present their efforts but also the latest version of the PAM guidelines had been presented including the brand new guidelines on delirium and discharge.

EBA PAM prizes Congress Hannover 2015
The winner of the PAM best oral presentation was „Identifying needs of family members in burn care – the nursing perspective“ by Josefin Bäckström.

The winner of the best poster was „Nutritional therapy in burn patients in Burn centre Rotterdam: Evaluation of adherence tot the clinical practice guideline and the development of a clinical pathway by Yvonne Verweij-Tilleman.

The winner of the Prevention Prize was the poster: „Televised Spots on the Prevention of Burn Injuries in Children“ by A. de Buys Roessingh. In his absence, the prize was presented to Paris Jafari.

The winners received prize money by courtesy of Flen Pharma.