Prevention committee

The Prevention committee of the European Burn Association (EBA) has the aim to help reduce the unacceptably high incidence of burn injuries in Europe and beyond.

To achieve this goal we have started the website. The site is for everyone: burn care professionals, educationalists, community workers, anyone wishing to promote the subject. The site aim to collect links to national prevention site and also to spread posters, pictures and videos via our media library.

We hope you will find the site both useful and informative and we wish you every success in your mission to champion Burn Prevention and reduce the number of horrible injuries to the young and old alike.

We are here to help you!

Members of the committee

Koen Maertens – Chair of the EBA Burn Prevention Committee

In 2002 Koen graduated as clinical psychologist at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) where he started as a teaching assistant and a research fellow doing research on the ‘Psychological consequences in pediatric burns’. Meanwhile he enjoyed being volunteer at the Belgian burn camps for several years.

In 2008 he changed work and started working in a new environment as Managing Director from OSCARE, a (non-profit) organisation for burns, scar aftercare & research. This ambulatory medical center is unique in its kind, combining (after)care, research, education (Scar Academy) and prevention. He has a special interest into the development of new educational programs raising knowledge and skills of scar treatments in healthcare professionals who are not mainly working in burns care. Furthermore he is interested in aftercare and research on Quality of Life. Lastly he does believe that adequate prevention materials and campaigns could play an important role in changing public behaviour resulting in less burn accidents.

Carolyn Cripps OBE 

CarolynCarolyn is an experienced trainer, consultant and project manager in injury prevention and home safety for both children and the elderly, working with government initiatives on major community projects in the UK and overseas. Her specialisation is with burn prevention and fire safety. She founded the UK charity Children’s Fire and Burn Trust working for over 17 years supporting burned children in the UK, Russia and FSU.

Carolyn now sits on the Board of the Phoenix Burn Project based at the Red Cross Memorial Childrens Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2011 she established Fit for Safety Ltd. Training and Consultancy using her twenty five years’ experience to train care and health professionals, and advise organisations in also the writing and development of training resources and programmes.

Carolyn also works closely with the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents and Child Accident Prevention Trust UK. She sat on the UK NICE Guidance Committee for “Unintentional Injuries for the Under 15’s in the Home” published in 2010 and is currently an advisor for the new NICE Quality Standards on the same topic. Carolyn has for many years sat on the Executive Committees of the Institute of Home Safety and the London Home and Water Safety Council. In 2013 she become a Trustee of Age UK Lambeth, London to support the elderly keep safe in their independent living.


Dr Jacques Latarjet

JacquesDr Jacques Latarjet is an expert on burn injuries. He was Director of the Burn Centre, France, (Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care) from 1988-2006, and Director of the Pain Clinic, France, from 1983 to 2006. He is still acting as a physician in this institution. Dr Latarjet was also Director of European Union Injury Prevention Program Data collection in Burn Centres. I.P.P. 1089 from 2000-2003. He was President of the Societé Française d’Etude et de Traitement des Brûlures (S.F.E.T.B.) until 2006 and holds actually an active position in its Epidemiology and Prevention Committee.

He was President of the European Burn Association (E.B.A.) from 1998 to 2000 and hosted its biannual meeting in Lyon in 2001. He was also Vice President of the International Association for the Study of Burn Injuries (I.S.B.I.) (2004.) At the WHO, Dr Latarjet was Director of the Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Burn Prevention, Care and Rehabilitation (1997-2006) and is actually an advisor of the Violence and Injury Prevention department.

Dr Latarjet received the Everett Idriss Memorial Award of the American Burn Association in March 2000.


Eva van Zoonen

EvaEva van Zoonen studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating, she continued to study for a master in Health Science in the direction of Prevention and Public Health. In 2012, Eva started her current occupation with the Dutch Burns Foundation on the department of prevention of burns. Her work consists of  research on epidemiology of burns, accident mechanisms and effectiveness of burn prevention programs. Young children and elderly are important populations at risk and therefore her most frequent age groups of study. Recently, Eva completed a study on the aging population in relation to fire safety. At the moment, she is involved in the analysis of the Dutch general practitioners registration on burns.

Eva hope to contribute to the stimulation of awareness of the importance of burns prevention and using her knowledge to further raise the level of burns prevention within the EBA.


Ilaria Tocco Tussardi

Dr. Ilaria Tocco Tussardi is a young Italian Plastic Surgeon with a genuine interest in burns and wound care. During her Residency training at the University Hospital of Padua – Padua Burns Centre (IT), she progressively implemented her knowledge and competence in this field, visiting quite a number of Burns Centres both in the developed World (California, Pennsylvania – United States of America; Sweden) and developing countries (Kenya). While being exposed to burn care, she became quickly aware of the fact that prevention is the best medicine in burns and she developed a passion for the public health side of burn injuries, e.g. large scale burn prevention programs, prevention campaigns, and strategies for increasing public awareness. This topic was a great part of her final thesis when she graduated Plastic Surgeon (“Plastic reconstructive surgery volunteerism in developing countries: an international hospital based-experience from central Kenya”). Currently, she is employed as Acute care Physician and Clinical Instructor in Wound Care in the Public Healthcare System in Padua, IT.

I hope to give contribution and add value to the work of the EBA prevention committee by offering my international high-quality education, my solid background in burn care and my enthusiasm for spreading education and awareness.